Friday, October 9, 2020

Fall has finally arrived

 We made it to fall ! "Red Velvet Media "has been doing some pretty amazing shows during this strange time in our world.

You may listen to past shows on itunes or Red Velvet Media blogtalk radio player on our Website or on line.

We have watched so many of our friends and loved ones being affected in ways we could do nothing but send love and be there for them as this Virus has been such a path of destruction to so many .

With that being said I send Love and many prayers to all being affected..It was only this AM I was informed of another friend who has taken from this world from this Virus that can affect ANYONE, so PLEASE do your part by wearing a mask , Social Distance , Washing your hands and always educate yourself as things are changing every day .

All I can do is continue trying to bring positive , Informative and Cutting edge content to our listeners.

Please make sure to check out Red Velvet Media Blogtalk Radio to see who is going to be on the air with me .

Endless Love to all , 

Holly, Red Velvet Media

PS Happy Day of life to Sean Lennon and his Father John who has forever touched many lives.


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