Monday, April 30, 2012

Angie Bowie and Holly Stephey of Red Velvet Media

Join Holly Stephey of Red Velvet Media May 4th 2012 at 2pm pst on Red Velvet Media Blogtalk Radio as she talks to Angela Bowie about her new book Lipstick Legends..
Did you dance all night and party until breakfast, front a band, and get all dragged up? Did you march and protest, fall in love, or swoon at David Bowie shows? Are you threatening to relive the exhilarating panic times of Glam Rock, and the squealing tires of adrenaline entertainment? Were you there with me on the dance floor of the Sombrero in London? I bet you were! Were you with me those six nights of sold-out concerts at Universal Amphitheater? Wherever you were, come with me and relive those gay old days. Plunge into that pool of ecstasy with me one more time.” If you are looking for something different, Lipstick Legends is it. Lipstick Legends will be published in the Summer 2012 by Publish America, and will be available on and globally. Angela Bowie has recently penned articles in British magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, on the internet magazine Frock, and she is the author of three previously published books: Free Spirit (1982), Backstage Passes (1993), and The Pocket Guide to Bisexuality. She lives in Tucson, Arizona

New Shows Peter sterling , and Angie Bowie!

Join Me this wed May 3ed for Peter Sterling
There have been timeless musicians throughout history whose hands seem to be guided by unseen forces. Possessing unexplainable musical genius, the exquisite beauty of their songs have delighted and mystified audiences the world over, somehow connecting us closer to heaven. Peter Sterling is one such musical treasure. Devoted listeners over the years have consistently reported greater peace, spiritual visions, and even miraculous healing's while listening to Peter's heavenly albums, suggesting the astonishing potential of his uncanny musical gifts. His unusual and inspiring story truly began during a series of life-altering divine encounters while living outdoors in the peaceful solitude of Sedona, Arizona's Red Rock canyons. Spending countless hours at its sacred vortex sites practicing yoga and meditation amidst the brilliant scenery and vast silence, Peter one day experienced a genuine spiritual vision of angelic beings in a heavenly choir surrounding him. In this profound vision, Peter saw himself strumming a harp and allowing divine music to flow through him. Although Peter showed considerable musical talent as a child, having played the piano by ear and then dabbling with the flute and guitar over the years, music had not been a prevalent part of his life. Overwhelmed by the grandeur of this angelic experience, Peter waited for the next series of synchronicities to guide his choices.Only a week later, Peter happened to meet an accomplished harpist who was selling a Celtic harp. Quickly acquiring the instrument and receiving one brief music lesson, Peter retreated back to the canyons where he humbly beseeched the heavens atop a red rock peak to allow the music of the harp to flow through him. Almost immediately his prayers were answered as he began to instinctively strum chords and simple melodies. "It was as if my hands knew what to do,"

Red Velvet Media , Spring , Shows and New Projects

So Many Great Things Happening with Red Velvet Media, New shows on the radio show, New projects and the newness of Spring..Stay tuned as you will see many new shows , posts and announcements!

Red Velvet Media welcomes SPRING with new show line up!

Red Velvet Media is getting ready for the new SPRING /SUMMER lineup and we will be having some fantastic shows along with any POP Ups to be ...