Saturday, October 29, 2011

New happening's In Red Velvet Media's World !

Hi:)) It has been a few but I wanted to catch everyone up! First of all my Radio shows have been a huge hit and there are some cool podcasts Cilick Podcast to go to link!
Then we are also on itunes Click itunes to go to page!

This has been a very busy few months and now I am preparing for the new year, The Holidays and Lots of special events.

I recently was able to Partner in representing "Daniel B Holeman" and will be working on projects to develop his expanding Spiritual art.

I have also been sourcing out many Peace projects all around the world and have had huge success that a few are becoming a Feature Film!

I just posted the link to a Movie I went to see "Puss In Boots" The story alone and the soundtrack , I posted a player is fantastic,,,Ck it out!

Many new shows and format for new topics are being created for Red Velvet Media Blogtalk Radio!

I have also Created the Record Label and now soon a Red Velvet Media Film production team using the best technology around like the "Red Camera" that has been used for many great block buster Movies.

Make sure to keep checking back as I will post the productions as I start them.

The first one will be on our Earth and the way Peace can help create a environment that will allow the world to heal properly and hopefully create not only an awareness but a catalyst to get us all in the place to make this part of your world and the every day life.

For Many who know me , I am expanding my knowledge in the arts and have been consulting with some of the great Masters of our time .

I hope all of you will join me as I embark on the new journey with the filming and creating awareness for us to grow.

Blessings ,
Red Velvet Media

Help us celebrate

Fall is here and Winter is in the air,,, Stay tuned for new Lineup and events!