Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day Arrives for Red Velvet Media!

Guess Who Won the 2009 Mother of the Year "Award?"

If you're like me, trying to find that perfect Mother's Day gift is often a challenge!

But MomsRising sure knows how to make a mom feel good about all the things we do that, to be honest, sometimes our families take for granted.

Watch the special Mother's Day card here!

Click here to watch and personlize for yor Mother or Friend!
Don't worry -- it's not just for me! ALL moms, thanks to the advocacy group MomsRising, have won the coveted 2009 Mother of the Year Award. Just go to the same site and customize it for all the moms in your life.

Of course, MomsRising is about a lot more than just recognizing the hard work of mothers -- it's also an amazing group that works to promote issues of special importance to mothers and all those who have mothers, including fair pay, health care for children, sick leave and many others.

This Video below is in Honor of our Mothers here and gone... I had lost my Mother when I was 12 to Cancer ,I will have a place in my heart always for her.The Yellow rose is my symbol for her and her remerbrance... When I was a child, She would give me Yellow Roses to smell when I missed her.. We were apart at times in my childhood , always traveling so, I missed her, and now I have my Yellow Rose!

my Daughter Alexandrea, She is my Life Force and nothing can come between the love of A Mother and her Daughter...

Here is a video that I think is very touching and the images are so good and true.

A poem I think is very good .. done by a small child...


I have this Lady friend
Whose Mother passed away
Moving to a better place
And, a peaceful day.

I know about the pain
That, she is going through
Because the loss of “Mom”
Is the saddest, that is true.

Sometimes, it is a blessing
When their “life” is in decline
Not, what it used to be
When, “everything” worked fine.

But still, it hurts so much
When Mother goes away
When you know you won’t see Her
For, forever and a day.

But the memories will be there
And will help, to get you through
When, you’re thinking of Mom
And, feeling kind of blue.

Del “Abe” Jones

Help us celebrate

Fall is here and Winter is in the air,,, Stay tuned for new Lineup and events!