Friday, January 21, 2011


Holly Stephey of Red Velvet Media Has launched a page on Facebook called "Cooking On FB"!

After being on Facebook with Red Velvet Media and my own personal page I was amazed at how many of my friends were talking about what they were eating for breakfast, lunch dinner or desserts, I had to form a page where all of my friends or people who had Love to share could share a recipe handed down from there Mother or Sister , best friend ..etc..

I had a Mother and Grandmother who Loved to cook and My Mother was always making some sort of pastry.. so I grew up eating all sorts of foods but now days I mostly indulge in Salads and my all time favorite Red Velvet Cake!

I do experiment though and have been known to make Home made pasta and other recipes sent to me by my 2ed Mum whom I love very much and she has gifted me with a few of her own handed down recipes !

This is how was launched and the facebook page "Cooking On FB " was created .. I hope to see many of you sharing your love for food and wanting to share the love we have all been gifted with by our loved ones who gave us recipes that we so want to share..

I encourage all of you that have any thing they would like to share to go to the Facebook page "Cooking On FB" or visiting the website

I am very excited to see what people will do , so far I have had a few submissions of recipes that are very cool:)

Its also a way of getting International Recipes being that Facebook is world wide.

Make sure to visit the facebook page and My new webpage

Hope to see you all soon and as I always say ...Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

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