Friday, January 21, 2011

Cooking On FB (Facebook) is Fun and a sucess as well as new Website

I was thrilled to see how many people read my blog post on "Cooking On FB"! I have had fun with the design team who are helping me create the page! There has even been a press release and its pretty fun to see how many people want to create and share many recipes with me . I plan on publishing most of them so for many this will be the perfect tribute to the one who gifted them with the recipe.. I have a few of my own that I will be putting on the facebook Page and I received a call today from a publisher who is interested in what I am doing:) I have been working on a Children's book for over Five Years now and this has become a dream and reality come true for me . I will continue penning my Children's book but I will also be creating my Cookbook.

Please make sure to stop by the Facebook Page called "Cooking On FB" or the new website I remember watching Julie & Julia and thinking , how cool it must have been to be able to create the books she did and then make many of the recipes and the passion she had for creating foods people loved!

While thinking of what to call all of this ,one thing came to mind .. Facebook because so many of my friends share with me what they are eating or making and some of the foods have been pretty amazing.

I have met real life bakers and owners of restaurants on Facebook as well and they are all willing to gift me a few of there favorite recipes for the book as well as the website and facebook.

Stay tuned , as I am sure there will be much more to develop over the next few months about
Cooking On FB and

If you would like to submit a recipe or ck out Cooking On FB , simply go to Facebook and look it up under Cooking On FB or click the links here in this blog to go to facebook page and website!

*You can also email me with any questions @

Have a Happy Weekend and I will update everyone after this weekend after working with the design Team and creating the new