Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holly Stephey and Red Velvet Media Say Happy 4th Of July!

Its the 4Th of JULY!.. well many memories .... The smell of the sparklers and the fireworks ..:))
BB Q's with about anything you can imagine ... Happy people wearing there best Red White and Blue ...Parades.. and Big Red Fire trucks .. all decorated going down the streets...Then there was always the ice cream truck.. I run to catch him before he goes away and I get a Big pop or a cherrybomb!

I remember the slip and slide and all the fun we would have with the water sprinkles and the water balloons.....Times have changed and things are somewhat different but I still pull out the sparklers or drive to the town they are legal in and buy a load of them and come back and light them up.. Remind me to tell you about my fireworks I brought home from Mexico and set them off on the Burm on the beach in front of my house! I had a small problem...A Cannon Ball went through my Flag I was flying and the flag caught on fire! It was the Jolly Roger so I was not feeling so bad .. Not the Stars and stripes!

I still eat big pops and watermelon.. And the BBQ"S they never change still the same foods but maybe a little more healthier!
Happy 4TH everyone! And I send to you my most Favorite possessions .. My Red Velvet Cupcakes! Enjoy! And Love , Peace and happiness... I think I hear the ice cream truck...
Holly xxx