Friday, June 4, 2010

Red Velvet Media and Band of innocence!

Join me as I talk to Robert Agnello about his project Band of Innocence.. This is a way cool concept and not a show to miss tune in:))

This is part of the concept..
In the beginning Mother Nature and the Gods created the Earth and filled it with
life... the elements, plants, and animals. Then they created man and all lived in
harmony. As time passed a shadow invaded the world.
A darkness. This shadow caused man to separate from the original, harmonious
ways the Gods had intended for him.
Seeing that man was turning towards the darkness, rather than to the light of the
world, the Gods hid their powers in an amulet along with a sword of light and a suit of
armor that only the most innocent could wear.
It was an innocence that could only be found in children.
This is when the Band Of Innocence was born.