Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Love foundation and Red Velvet Media

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The Love Foundation......

"The Love Foundation"
This is the latest message from Harold ...:))
Latest Message from TLF Founder
We are forever surrounded by love. From the rays of the sun that nurture and sustain life on our precious planet, to extending a helping hand to another in need, our existence is found within this unifying principle we know in our heart as love. Life itself is the expression of unconditional love and you are here right now simply because you are a magnificent presence of this same love.

I Love Unconditionally...

I love unconditionally... Become conscious of this simple intention and view your life from a different perspective, if even for just one day. Think about unconditional love and what it really means to you. Allow yourself to open up and actually feel the love you already have within. Accept the aspects of life that challenge you, whether from your past, present or view of the future. Decide to let love be your response to everyone and everything. See all life interconnected, joyful and safe. Choose to enjoy life no matter how difficult it may have been or how challenging you may perceive it to be. Just let love be your focus for the day and see what happens.