Friday, January 29, 2010

Red Velvet Media & Holly's Valentine Gifts suggestions –She will love it!

Red Velvet Media or I should say "Holly"(me) is no stranger to Valentine’s Day.
I remember last year and the response I got from the cool drink my friends made and I suggested.. Now I'm getting down to what I know all us Girls want!
After all.....We all want to feel girlie!:)))

If you’re after the perfect Valentine’s gift look no further than some of my personal favorite Valentine Gifts suggestions – featuring MY pick"s of the best treats to indulge and excite your lover, and ignite passion in the bedroom! But if you don’t know where to start... Read my Top Tips designed to make sure you give her what's really wanted this Valentine’s Day!
Tip 1: Colours that complement
Whilst scarlet red lingerie may be the tradition, classic black, rich cream and feminine pink are all guaranteed to please.
But if you want to surprise her, take a look in her wardrobe to see her favourite colours.

Most lingerie is available in a beautiful array of colours from vibrant orange to midnight blue.

Tip 2: Know her style
Consider her personal style - is she usually cute and girlie, luxurious and decadent, stylish and sophisticated or adventurous and daring?
No matter what she's like, you can find the perfect Valentine's lingerie set for her.

To get you started, here's some of MY favourites:
* Cute: Love, Minnie, Francoise and Fifi
* Luxurious: Love, Maitre D, Black Swan and Kiki
* Sophisticated: Damsella, Meteorite, Gypsy and Ponytail
* Adventurous: Cendrillon, Marylin, Marquis and Ruxandra

If you've only just met and don't know her too well you may want to try a flirty babydoll,Or if you've been together for a while, while not spice things to with a seductive corset or basque to make her feel utterly fabulous.
I remember a Easter one year and I had just stared Dating a man and he bought me the most girlie pink Lacey Gingham Babydoll with Matching Panties and little bows and the cutest pink and white cotton knee highs.. to Match with bows on top!
I wear knee highs under my jeans or with a dress..They are comfortable and oh so sexy and they are perfect for under boots....Just a Little showing at the top and .. you know what your wearing...!

Tip 3:
Get the size right! I always hated getting a bra that was too small..:(
If possible, take a look inside the labels of her favourite lingerie set to find the size she feels most comfortable in.

Once you know what size you’re after, it's quick & easy way to find something that will fit her.

Tip 4:
Complete the look
To make her feel truly fabulous, choose the bra first and pair it with the style of knicker(Panties) you think she’ll be most comfortable in.
The matching suspender belt(Garters) will make her feel like a true seductress, whilst stockings add an extra touch of glamour.

Spoil her, and watch her bring hosiery and suspenders into her everyday attire!

I personally like thigh Highs and not Garters but.. Garters can be very sexy and fun for some!
Tip 5: Lingerie isn’t the only option
Whilst a seductive lingerie set is always a pleasure to receive,
a slinky slip or curve creating basque is an alternative that never fails to please.

A pair of butter-soft leather over the knee boots will please the discerning fashionista, whilst luxurious beauty products too will make her feel fabulous.
I love wearing boots under Jeans or with a dress.... and Beauty products...Don't get me started..I love Chocolate Orange Body butter by "Fresh" and there SUGAR LEMON line is a must...the Soaps are cool too..they come in all sorts of fragrances and are a fun way to indulge! CLICK HERE TO GO TO FRESH! and My favorite thing to do is add real rose water to the final rinse of my hair!
I am often seen gathering rose petals and Lilac when its is season and I custom blend my own oils... Lately it has been Vanilla and Patchouli.. I do like mixing Chocolate with Vanilla too.. It depends on my mood ..But Real oils not synthetic are a real turn on and Last..You can find High quality oils at most essential oil stores.. Make sure they are pure!
Feeling daring? Turn up the heat with playful heart-shaped pasties or a teasing silk eyemask, or let her take control with one of our decadent whips or paddles...

I personally don't use Whips or Paddles but they are fun for the effect!

Tip 6: Have her Create a wish list!
Take the guesswork out of gift giving by asking her to create a wish list.
I have many! Not just the girly stuff but books, Music,Travel destination's, ETC..
Ask her to simply browse the web and save the items she likes in the correct sizes, before sending you her lust-haves.
I have so many bookmarks!I add new ones every day!
My Favorite thing or shall I say most men's favorite thing is most companies offer
Free gift boxes, discreet delivery & free online returns!
They take the hassle out of gift wrapping !
I like the boxes that are pink and girlie!
To maintain the surprise of your gift, Most will be discreetly delivered to your door,Or hers no matter where you are in the world...I never know where I will be!
Ummmm... Paris or a nice Island sounds good to me....As long as there is chocolate ..I'm there!

Happy shopping!