Monday, February 9, 2009

William E Marks water Healing at the Conscious Life Expo

Another very critical event to attend is the one by William E Marks..At the Conscious Life Expo...Friday Febuary 13,2009 6pm to 7:30 pm

Some info on William That is so inspiring...

Mr. Marks is the only official from Martha’s Vineyard ever elected to the Board of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions (MACC), for the protection of wetlands in over 300 communities statewide. He also received the community “Groundwater Guardian Award” from the international Groundwater Foundation, which was presented by Gilbert M. Grosvenor, Chairman of the Board of National Geographic Society. He is also recipient of the "Water Hero Award" from the World Water Rescue Foundation, and is an international water advisor to the Board of the Women International Coalition Organization (WICO) based in the UK.

He founded and published 'Martha’s Vineyard Magazine' and 'Nantucket Magazine' for 6 years. Both magazines had an environmental emphasis. He is author of the History of Wind Power on Martha's Vineyard, and The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves, a philosophical, spiritual, healing book - and writes water articles and poetry for regional; national, and international publications, including 5 articles for The Encyclopedia of Water recently published by John Wiley & Sons, and has been featured on hundreds of radio and television programs, including CNN; MSNBC; ABC; CBS; NBC and many others.

Mr. Marks is Editor/Publisher of Water Voices from Around The World, a book with contributions from profound water researchers and photographers from around the globe.

He continues to conduct water research, travel, perform Native American flute, and speak around the world. He has researched water in 15 countries. He is currently involved with 3 documentaries for television, DVD, and theatrical release in 2009.

SYMPOSIUM**** Conscious Life Expo********

****William E. Marks

Awakening To Water

6 - 7:30 pm, Friday, February 13, Century A LAX HILTON

What does it mean to “Awaken to Water”. This seminar will provide tools for becoming more conscious about how water affects our health and the health of all life on Earth. Audience participation is included and encouraged – since each one of us has a water story as part of our journey, and can offer knowledge to enrich the experience of the audience.

Topics touched upon in this seminar will include:

* Water’s creation of our universe – science and mythology
* Water as the foundation for all religions
* Our water story – from egg to death
* Vortex energy for healing ourselves and Earth’s waters
* Water philosophy – the paradigm shift in human thought through water over 2,500 years ago
* A new future for humanity and all life on Earth

Water Healing-Including interactive use of toning and Native American Flute

Mr. Marks has researched water healing and management practices in over 15 countries and lived outside for 2 years during a 7,000 mile horseback trek across America entitled “Ride For Nature.” He is an award-winning author who was and is featured on ABC; NBC; CBS; MSNBC; CNN and many international radio and print media. Founder of Vineyard Environmental Research Institute; former owner/operator of a state-certified water-testing laboratory; author of award-winning books, The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves; and Water Voices from Around The World.