Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our world and I matter...

Alec Loorz and LA Mayor Villaraigosa
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The Environmental Youth Conference (EYC) took place..It is one of the largest green youth events in Los Angeles. The conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall on December 13, 2008.

Hosted by the City of Los Angeles, the EYC brought together thousands of young Angelenos ages 12 to 21 to learn about environmental responsibility through eco-consumerism.

The conference offered attendees an opportunity to take a leadership role on this important environmental issue, making a difference for yourselves and future generations, as well as to learn about career opportunities in the "green" industries.

I am amazed how the children of today are making a change in the world..I am now listening to an interview with Alec Loorz

I am excited to announce that Alec Loorz, 14,was the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference keynote speaker.

Alec is the founder of Kids-vs-Global-Warming, a youth-inspired and youth-led organization that informs, trains, and empowers kids about the issues of global warming to inspire action. He gives multi-media presentations to schools and conferences, and starts Action Teams to empower the next generation of green leaders. After giving his own youth-focused presentation over 30 times, Alec was invited by Al Gore to be trained to give the official Inconvenient Truth presentations. He is currently the youngest trained presenter. In June, Alec and his team installed an environmental activist project called SLAP (Sea Level Awareness Project,) showing how far underwater the city will be if nothing is done about climate change.

I am amazed every day at what I learn every day and how people touch my life forever...

Alec ,I am so happy you have come into my life and I totally support you in all you do..:)))