Friday, December 19, 2008

The need for awareness

Every day I realize the need for us to be very aware of the world and the healing that needs to take place.
We take so much for granted and I find myself always reminded of the great gift we have all been given...This world is so precious and there is so much for us to all experience and feel and see..There is so much Healing to take place .. The one question I have is .."What is the one thing you would do to change the world"?

I am thankful for the friends I have that are more aware of the technical things happening with the world.. and I embrace all the knowledge I am given..Make a change in the world ..Every day I look up and see the wonders and I thank God every day for what I have ..Soon we will have to do something so we can still have all the things we take for granted.. water , Clean air, trees, even the animals are staring to disappear.:(
Love mother earth and help .. do what you can and heal her !She is crying for the attention we all seem to ignore!